Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pie Wants In

The past couple of mornings, Pie's done something a bit odd.  He's been going out to graze with the gelding herd before 6 a.m., after eating his breakfast.  He's up to 3 1/2 hours of grazing, and the other geldings are out all night, so you'd think he'd be more interested in grazing than they are.  But no - when I come to get him in when his time's up, he's at the fence, pacing up and down, and this morning he was sweaty and breathing hard - it seemed that he'd been running.  No one seems to be harassing him - Drifter was a ways off, dozing with a leg cocked.  I'm not sure what's up with him - he seems to really want to come in - and he doesn't want to go to his paddock, either - he wants to go into the barn and into his stall, although he's the only horse in at that point.  We're on what I hope is the last day of our monster heat/humidity wave, and perhaps he's anxious to get under his fan, being wise enough to know that he'll overheat as the temperature rises with our shadeless pastures (he seems to overheat much more easily than the other horses when it's sunny with high humidity).  I just don't know - he otherwise seems fine and was happy when I hosed him off and put him under the fan.  We'll see what he does when the temperatures and humidity fall . . .

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