Saturday, July 9, 2011

Four Weeks and Good Progress

Today is four weeks since my accident and I made a bit more progress today.  Early in the morning, I walked about one and one-half miles at a normal walking pace without too many stops, including walking up some small inclines.  I love being out in nature again - at one point on my walk near the small lake there was a bush that was just full of bluets - a type of damselfly - I didn't get close enough to identify any of the them as they are very small - mostly about one inch long - but it was delightful to see them. Then a bit later I groomed Pie and took him for a walk on the trail.  He was a bit alarmed by someone using a chain saw to cut up some tree branches, but settled down once he could spend some time watching.  We walked about one-half mile total I would guess.

Another first, although it wasn't one of my horse-related goals.  I had the energy and stamina to make lunch - just a stir-fry with brown rice, kohlrabi, broccoli, snap peas and some garlic and onions.  It's the first time I've cooked a real meal since the accident, and I was able to do the chopping and prep work as well as the cooking.  I really enjoy cooking and it's nice to be able to do that again.

In the afternoon I groomed Dawn and Drift and picked all three horses' hooves (!).  My shoulder did fine, although my neck and head weren't fond of the bent-over position required to pick feet.

So some progress towards my goals!  The long-suffering husband is planning to drag the arena either Sunday or Monday, and once it's dragged I plan to do a little lungeing with Dawn - another goal - and some leading and in-hand work with Drift.  And I'm going to continue to gradually increase my walking distance until I make it to my 2.5 mile goal - I think pretty soon I'm going to be back on a horse again!

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