Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easing On Down the Trail, and Remembering Noble

I managed a brief ride on Pie this morning between rain showers.  He was very muddy, but at least it was dry mud - not as bad to clean up.  We went on our first, very short (couple of hundreds of yards in a loop) trail ride since my accident, including going right by the area where I fell, past a number of downed tree trunks and branches from the storms we've been having, and a half-collapsed plastic hoop house used by the neighboring farmers.  As you would expect, Pie was great.  I was nervous but managed.  Nothing bad happened, so there's one small good experience to build on as I try to regain my confidence.  Riding in the arena doesn't worry me too much; riding on the trail worries me a lot.

* * * * * *
Today I've been remembering Noble - we lost him a year ago today at the age of 30.  Here's his memorial post, which has some links to a couple of birthday posts with more stories and pictures about the grand old guy, who is still very much missed.  Here's my favorite photo of him - I think it was taken when he was about 27 years old or so:

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