Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 34 - I Rode!

I've been waiting for this day - I've been anxious to get here but apprehensive as well.  I walked about 3 miles this morning, at a better pace than before and with fewer rest breaks - I'm still slow but improving.  Then this afternoon, I groomed (including picking feet) and saddled Pie and took him to the arena.  The footing in the arena is pretty bad - hard and packed - but we made do.  I led Pie around for a few minutes, and then got on.  Pie stood like a statue for me to mount - my leg strength isn't up to par but was enough for me to get on.  Then we did a bit of work at the walk, for about 10 minutes or so.  Good Pie!  We'll keep working at the walk until I feel up to trotting, and I'll start riding Drift and Dawn once I'm feeling stronger riding Pie.  In the meantime, Dawn can lunge and Drift and I can do some leading and possibly some clicker work.

Here are a few pictures my husband took.  Pie is ready to go - am I?

Some walk work - I didn't ask very much of either one of us:

Pie gives us the Pie face to let us know he isn't impressed:

I'm very grateful to have made it to this point and to have this milestone behind me.

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