Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Summary - Getting Back in Action

After slowly starting to get back into action after mid-month, I managed 13 rides in July - 5 each on Pie and Drift and 3 on Dawn, bringing my total rides in 2011 to 138.  June was about the same - I rode 14 times,  including the trail ride where I was injured coming off Pie on the 11th, bringing my riding to a halt - 5 rides on Pie, 6 on Drift and 3 on Dawn.

I think we're all close to being back where we were at the beginning of June, training-wise.  Pie's Pie, although he does need to do more arena work to develop his softness and way of carrying himself, and I need to work on regaining my confidence on the trail.  Drift is back where he needs to be - we're back in our program of just moving at the trot and canter for him to develop his balance and way of going.  Dawn and I are working on trotting and trotting some more, to develop our mutual confidence and "allowing".

Not too bad, considering.

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