Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Successful Horse, Every Day

A few thoughts on a beautiful Wednesday . . .

Find ways, not to make the wrong thing hard - it's hard enough for the horse already - but to make the right thing easy - open a path for the horse to find the right thing.

Every day, even if things are going badly, find something good that the horse is doing - the smallest inkling of a thing - praise the horse and build on it - pretty soon you'll be on your way together.

Find a way, every day, to have your horse be successful at something you're asking him to do.

Clear, consistent, patient, quiet direction and guidance - from the inside of you - will get you where you want to go.

Horses perform much better for praise than they do to avoid punishment.

If the horse is emotionally upset, don't get caught up in the drama - keep your cool and provide a safe, quiet center for the horse to find his way back to.

Ignore what you don't want and keep your focus on asking for what you do want, consistently, and pretty soon you'll have what you do want, consistently.

Find a way for your horse to be successful every day . . .

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