Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rinse . . . and Repeat

Today's hotness was worse than unpleasant - it was disgusting.  Our heat indices today and tomorrow will be in the 105-110 degree range, with lots of sun and a hot wind.  Friday night, we're supposed to have a cold front coming through with thunderstorms - can't wait.

Our barn doesn't do night turnout, so my days have consisted of going to the barn early - around 9 a.m. - making sure stalls are set, and then bringing my three horses in.  As I bring each horse in, I stop in the wash stall - it's handy having the wash stall be the passage between the pastures/indoor and the barn aisle - and rinse each horse with cold water until cool, scrape off and then use a wet sponge to wipe off their faces, polls and foreheads.

Today, Pie, that grass demon, didn't want to come in.  This was despite the fact that he was grazing in full sun, soaking wet on his neck, chest and shoulders, with nostrils the size of dinner plates and panting - he doesn't do at all well in the heat.  Once I got his halter on, we headed for the barn.  Red today stuck close, walking right next to Pie all the way - no halter.  Red, as usual, was as cool as a cucumber. When we got to the barn, both Red and Pie took long drinks - I'll bet Pie swallowed several gallons of water, he drank so long.

Both got rinse offs and put under fans in their stalls.  Dawn, unlike Pie, saw me and immediately galloped up to be brought in.  She was sweaty too, not as sweaty as Pie but still uncomfortable, and appreciated her rinse off.

This afternoon, I stopped by to groom, fill water and replenish hay and put on fly spray.  I led all three horses to the outdoor water tank to have a drink - both Red and Pie took advantage - I think this also helps convince them that conditions aren't suitable for being outside.  Everyone was happy and comfortable.

One more day of this . . . and then we'll ride . . .

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