Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Sweetly Waits for Pie

Red has done something very sweet the past two days.  When I get there in the early morning to turn them out into the pasture from their adjoining paddocks - this is so I can keep exact record of how much  grazing time Pie is getting - I turn out Red first - he gallops off into the distance to join the herd and disappears - and then I turn out Pie - he gallops off too, often stopping to grab a few bites of grass as he goes.

Yesterday, Red did something different.  He stopped halfway up the hill and waited for Pie.  Pie galloped up to him and when he got close, Red took off and they both galloped away at very high speed - racehorse speed - with Red leading and Pie close behind.  Those boys both have a fair percentage of racing Quarter Horse blood, and they can move out when they want to.

And then today, Red waited for Pie again, but this time they cantered away together at a nice relaxed pace, side by side.

What fine horses they are, and I love that they have a close bond.

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