Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pictures of the (Equine) Crew

Today's post is mostly pictures - of two special horses who are now gone, my three retirees and the three who are my current riding horses.  I thought it would fun to put up my favorite pictures of them.

Here's Promise - a very special mare who was with me for only a little more than a year and who we lost at the age of 10 a number of years ago - here's a link to her story:

And here's Noble - a good friend for many years who we lost a few years ago at the age of 30 - here's a link to a post I did which has other treasured photos of him:

The three retirees are living the live of happy, well-cared for horses down at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee.  First, here's a few favorites of Lily - we call her The Lil - photos (that's my older daughter riding her in the first two, and my hat getting knocked off in the third):

And now for Norman-the-pony (that's my younger daughter riding):

And Maisie (or the Maise):

And now, my three current riding horses.  First up is Dawn - she's a 14 year old OTTB and we've had her for over 10 years:

Now Pie - he's a 5 year old QH and he's been with me for a little more than a year:

And finally, Drifter, a 10 year old QH who's been with me for just a year:

Hope you've enjoyed your virtual visit with my horses as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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