Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Update on Pie and Drifter!

I just got my first update from Heather on Pie and Drifter - she gave them a day to settle in and did some groundwork with both of them yesterday in their small indoor arena, to get to know them better.  Although Pie was nervous in a new place at first, he settled well for grooming - she ground ties which is a practice I like - and then she did some basic work on the lunge line with him.  She said he's very sweet and really wants to please.  They did walk, trot and some canter work, as well as changes of direction - and this is the horse that didn't know how to lunge, although he'd done some round pen work before with the old man who started him.  She said that Pie is really smart and picks things up fast.

Drifter was initially "all fired up" in the new environment, and it took a bit of groundwork to get him to settle down and stand for grooming.  After that they did some more groundwork, and as Heather said, once he "gave me his brain" (instead of worrying and feeling like he had to be in control to stay safe - this is where his challenging behavior comes from as underneath he's actually quite sweet), he did great.

I'm expecting more updates soon - but I'm delighted that the training has begun!

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