Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dawn is Casually Athletic

We've always know that Dawn is athletic - she's got moves.  Today, she showed me that in two different ways.  The vet was coming to do shots (Eastern and Western encephalitis, tetanus, West Nile and flu/rhino - strangles/strep and rabies will be done later), so I went to get her in from the pasture.  The mares were making their way to the gate, and Dawn came cantering down the hill towards the ditch at the bottom.  There's an earthen bridge with board sides over the ditch, but there was a horse on it as she got there, so she veered to the side and gracefully leapt over the ditch - it was at least a 4' spread and she cleared it by a good amount.

Then later, while I was riding her - not too hard since she'd just had her vaccination - and we were cantering.  I was on the right lead canter and took her across the diagonal towards the corner to see what she would do - perfect lead change, no problem!  Counter canter with her may be a challenge, but we're not there yet, and I was delighted with how smooth and easy the lead change was for her - she just throws this stuff off like it is nothing.

Yesterday she had her first dose of UlcerGard, second dose today.  The vet thinks she may not have serious ulcers, and if so, the lower dose (1/4 of the daily dose needed to treat serious ulcers) may do the trick - we'll see.  She does seem to be eating her hay more readily, and she's shown flashes of marish crabbiness - mare-itude, we call it - which is more her normal personality rather than the quiet demeanor she's been showing.

And tomorrow I visit the boys . . .

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