Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lessons Cancelled :(

My trainer texted to say that we should cancel our lessons for tomorrow - the unprecedented hot weather (80sF today) continues, and the boys aren't acclimated or shed out enough for those sorts of temperatures.  She did work with both of them a bit today, but they were sluggish and got sweaty very quickly.  Although I'm disappointed, I like it very much that she puts the interests of the horses first.  It's finally supposed to cool down by Friday (60s) to something more in range of normal temperatures for this time of year.  But there was some good news, too - Pie has done a little cantering under saddle with her and even offered up some softness, and both Drifter and Pie went on short solo trail rides yesterday and did very well - a few small spooks but nothing more than that and they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Hmm, perhaps Dawn has shed out enough for a bath . . .

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