Saturday, February 18, 2012

No New Dings and Another Dawn Ride

I've actually ridden two days in a row - in February! - thanks to the indoor at Dawn's new barn.  I lunged her briefly before I got on, and she's now completely sound at the trot when tracking left and 95% when tracking right.  As I suspected, the kick to the left stifle resulted only in bruising and nothing more serious, thanks be.  And today, for the first day since she's been in the mare herd, there were no new bumps, lumps or injuries.  I rode her for about 20 minutes today, mostly at the walk, but with a few bits of trot thrown in.  We did figures and a bit of lateral work, and some stretching down.  She's still getting used to the indoor, and was a bit tense particularly at the trot, but the relaxation will come.  It was only her second ride in two and a half months and her second at the new place.

The people I've met at the new place seem pretty nice.  They're a diverse bunch, with a diverse lot of horses - there is a Friesian, a Clydesdale, a mini, a donkey and many others.  I'm enjoying spending time with lots of other horse people.  I think there are 63 horses total, including the pasture boarders - quite a crowd but fortunately they don't seem to ride all at the same time.  Dawn and I shared the arena with one other horse for a bit today, and the rest of the time we were by ourselves.

So far so good, and I'm starting to look forward to the boys' trip to Wisconsin on or about March 1.

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