Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Rid of New Word Verification Nonsense

Funder just did a post with links to simple descriptions of how to get rid of the new double, distorted word verification that may be plaguing people who are trying to leave comments on your blog - you may not even know this is happening since it won't affect you when you comment on your own blog.

If you're using the new Blogger interface, it doesn't allow you to change this - but follow the directions in the posts to go back to the old interface, which will allow you to check whether or not you have word verification turned on and then turn it off if you so wish.  Then back to the new interface, and you're done - it took me only a few seconds.

Once you don't have word verification anymore, you may wish to enable comment moderation - this can be done with the new interface - to prevent various types of spam.  Thanks, Funder!

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