Monday, February 20, 2012

Even Better . . .

Dawn and I had another good work session today.  She was fairly relaxed on the lunge, and we were able to do some nice walk/trot/walk transition work.  During our ridden work, for most of the time there were two beginner riders having lessons on very calm school horses, but we had the challenge of staying out of their way as their steering wasn't great - although each had an instructor staying close by.  We managed some nice walk work, including some good stretching down and also some quarter and half pirouettes and also some other lateral work.  Then we did a bit of trotting - she's only just coming back into work and isn't fit at all - and were able to do some more connected bits of trot without her becoming too excited - lots of circles and serpentines, and not too many straight lines as she would tend to build momentum.

Dawn seems to be enjoying our sessions, and every day she's a little more relaxed (for Dawn).  I'm delighted with how well she's doing.  She's lost a lot of weight from the move, both from stress and also because she's not eating as much during daytime turnout as she used to, and is looking quite ribby.  Since she's drinking and pooping well, we upped her hay today to help her put some weight back on.  If that doesn't quite do the trick, I may add some higher fat feed to her meals - perhaps some Ultimate Finish, which has helped her in the past.

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