Sunday, February 12, 2012

Deep Freeze for a While

We've had what for us is a relatively mild winter so far.  Only one short stretch where temperatures were below zero F (-17C), and we haven't had that much snow either (hope I'm not jinxing things by even saying that!).  The past couple of days haven't been that nice, though.  Yesterday the wind chills got to -10F (-23C) and I kept my horses in all day except for a couple of short excursions into paddocks while I cleaned their stalls - this would, of course, be the day that the teenager who cleans my stalls wasn't available.  Fortunately, we have heated water buckets - it can get down to 10F in the barn on the coldest days - and heated water troughs, as well as frost-free (usually) water hydrants - so water's not an issue.  It's very cold again today, but the wind chills are supposed to get above zero F, so the horses will probably be happy to be outside.

Not too much is happening around here, although my horses did have a brief vet visit to have their annual Coggins test blood draw (Wisconsin requires the certificate to be in the same calendar year so the boys needed new ones for their trip up there in March).  All three were perfect for the vet as usual.

And the farrier came to do their trims.  And I'm happy to report that Dawn and Pie were perfect as usual, and Drifter was as well - he stood there like a champ - he's come a long way with his hoof-handling.

Not much else going on, but there'll be some news coming up . . .

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