Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wind Chill of 22F With Dancing Horses

It's even colder today - low 30sF with a strong wind gusting to 25mph - at noon the wind chill was 22F, although the sun is shining brightly, which helps a little.  When I turned Drifter out, he strutted his stuff up to the fenceline with the mares - Sugar's in raging heat - he did his really big trot and his neck was all arched.  Later, while I was working on catching Dawn, he did some more prancing around, at one point with his tail flagged and even up over his back.  Dawn was excited and did not want to be caught - I wished I'd had a camera - she was galloping, and bucking, and kicking out, and leaping up with all four feet off the ground and twisting - the other mares were running with her and trying to keep out of the way - and she was even doing her huge rears - paw, rear, paw, rear - and some beautiful big trot with her neck all rounded.  I just patiently kept heading to where she was going and she finally stopped and let me halter her - once the halter was on she was as good as gold.

No riding today . . .

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