Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Pie Photo

Here's Pie, looking a bit skeptical while he gets in a last few bites before I bring him in off the pasture this morning - he only gets two hours on early morning grass per day until the grass dies completely and the sugars are washed out by rain or snow:

It's about 7 weeks since we made our trip to the vet hospital and about 3 weeks since he began his treatment for EPM - see the EPM page for more details on this - he's completed the 10 days of the Oroquin-10 paste (decoquinate plus levamisole) and is now on the lower dose 90-day feed top dressing with decoquinate.  He's feeling great - sassy and happy like a young horse should be, and completely comfortable moving out - this morning he trotted off when I let him go in the pasture.  There have been no recurrances of the colic attacks, and we're hoping that it was his immune system fighting the EPM that caused the abdominal lumps that apparently were the cause of his abdominal discomfort.  Keeping fingers crossed on this . . .

No riding for me today, since I have my music lessons and it's also going to rain, but Sunday and Monday look like they might be nice riding days . . .

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