Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Boys Are Back!

I'm delighted to report that both Drifter and Pie seem to be making great progress - it's day 19 of their treatment for EPM.  Drifter was much less nervous today, despite the stiff wind, and we had a great session.  His walk work was very good, loose and relaxed, with nice softening.  So we trotted - and there was no balking, not even a bit - the balk is gone and there were no attempts to trot-a-lope - I expect he was trying to tell me something with the weird behaviors.  At first, his trot was somewhat tentative and a bit lurchy.  We did some straight lines at the trot, with walk around the turns.  And, then, suddenly, Drifter's big trot was back!  Drifter has had an exceptionally fine trot - huge impulsion and lift and the beginnings of extension, and full of fire and brio.  I hadn't felt that trot for a long time, and then, today, it was back in spades!  He really seemed to be enjoying himself - every time I asked for trot, he sprang into it and offered the most amazing, engaged, round trot - it was probably the best trot we'd ever done.  It was almost as if he'd figure out that it no longer felt weird to trot and that it was OK - he seemed relieved and delighted. It was hard not to overdo things - we stopped after about ten minutes of trot work and we didn't do any tight turns, but the boy is back!

Then Pie and I went on a short trail ride with Charisma.  He led most of the way on a loose rein, and his ears were up and he was interesting in, but not alarmed by, what we encountered, including barking, lunging dogs and suddenly appearing school buses.  His walk was swinging and he motored up the small hills without any trouble although he was clearly having to use muscles that were out of use.  He seemed very happy about the whole thing and it was the best trail ride we've had in a long time.  This boy is back too!

And not to neglect Dawn - her tender toes seem to be be better and we had a gentle walk work session in the arena, and she was very good.

It was a very good day with horses . . .

And tomorrow, I'm getting a delivery of another 14 tons of pea gravel for Pie's paddock . . .

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