Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final Rides of November, and November Summary

I managed to ride all three horses today - our vet/chiro couldn't come because one of her horses was colicy - we're hoping she can come tomorrow.  It was about 40F with sun and not too much wind - a pretty nice late November day.  Dawn and I had an excellent session, with lots of walk/trot/walk transition work every few steps - she was great.  Drifter and I had a walk-only session - I'll wait and see what our chiro has to say before trotting him again.  He was able to do some very nice, forward, lengthened walk and we took a brief excursion outside the arena again.  He was feeling pretty feisty and bitey in his paddock when I went to bring him in, and got a big "no" and a swat for biting.   I suspect that now he's feeling better, his "aggressive little dude" personality is coming to the fore.  When I was riding him in the arena, he stopped, stepped to one side, and deliberately deposited a pile right next to one of my cones! Pie and I had a nice 30-minute trail ride with Charisma - he had to do some trotting to keep up in the first half of the ride when he was following and felt great, and led the second half of the ride.

Here's the November summary - we did pretty well despite the many days with high winds - Pie: 11 rides November; 124 rides 2011 to date. Drifter: 11 rides November; 93 rides 2011 to date. Dawn: 12 rides November; 60 rides 2011 to date; all horses 34 rides total November; 277 rides 2011 to date.

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