Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Temptation . . .

I occasionally take a look at horses for sale on line - if I can ride three horses most every day, I should be able to ride four, right?  Anyhow, if I were in the market for a horse, I'd be very interested in this guy:

Horse ad and pedigree.

In doing some searching on line, I found out that he passed through a ranch horse sale (lot 37) in Nebraska (still as a stud who was probably at least three years old), and I also found his breeder's site and this (blurry) picture of his sire:

Just the sort of conformation and pedigree I like - solid, athletic, well put together and bred to be an all round using horse with a good mind.

I'm without a truck and trailer right now, which makes resisting temptation easier - for now.

Just saying . . .

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