Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blogger Problems - Anyone Else Having These - May Move to Wordpress . . .

I wanted to check if anyone else is having issues with Blogger recently.

The two issues I'm having are, first, huge amounts of referrer spam.  This is showing up in stats and causing my page views to go way up.  There are a lot of questionable links in the log, and most of the servers appear to be in Germany, although that doesn't mean a lot as the spammers could be anywhere. This problem, while annoying, doesn't bother me that much, since I don't care about the stats and never click on the links so the spammers are wasting their time.

But there's a second problem that's worse.  Recently, I've started getting a huge amount of spam email to the email address I use for Blogger.  I know it's a Blogger issue because I only use this email address for Blogger.  I've posted on the help forum to see if anyone has a solution - there used to be an option in the profile setting to remove your email address from public view, but that option doesn't seem to be there anymore - more Google/Blogger stuff I expect.

Anyone else?  I could take the blog private, but I expect that wouldn't solve the email issue.

Also, I'd be interested in people's experiences switching to a different blogging platform that doesn't have the Google issues, including privacy issues.  I'd be interested in what platform you use, how you like it, and how the export process went.

Please post replies here in the comments - I bet there are more than a few of us who'd be interested in the answers.

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