Monday, June 10, 2013

Dawn: Sweet Sixteen

Today is Dawn's 16th birthday - happy birthday to a wonderful mare!  Here's a selection of my favorite photos of her.  We've had Dawn since she was 4 and just off the racetrack.  She's the plainest of plain packages - all bay with no markings at all - all of her bling is due to her personality!  She's been my teacher now for 4 years, and the experience has been invaluable for my horsemanship.

Dawn was (and still is) my younger daughter's horse - she's accepted me as her person too and will even do her nose rests with me now, but this photo shows how close she and my daughter are:

This photo shows how alert she can be:

She has a wonderful black velvet nose:

This photo gives an impression of what a wise mare she is:

Here's looking at you!

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