Saturday, July 28, 2012

News Updates

We've finally got some decent weather - temps in the 80s instead of upper 90s or over 100F.  Dawn and I have had some nice rides - she's been extra snuggly - lots of "head rests" while I'm grooming her. I rode her in the indoor this morning - a very nice ride although she was very snarky to the other two horses in there - lots of ear pinning and ugly looks.  Dawn has about a 10 foot personal space bubble, so this wasn't surprising.

Pie and I had a very nice 2 1/2 hour trail ride with two other boarders this morning.  Pie was Pie, which means that he was relaxed and very good.  We even did some cantering in company, and he was just fine with that - good Pie!  He's perfectly happy to lead or to follow, and I think he's growing into just about the perfect trail horse.

Red and I are still doing what I call "pasture patrol" - I lead him out to one of the pastures and we do a careful check all over - fencelines, pick up any trash or debris, and stop and watch anything interesting. He really appreciates having an important job to do.  Then we spent some time in the indoor just standing around - his only job then is to stay out of my space - while another horse was worked.  He did great with everything.  He's seeing the chiropractor on Monday, and I'm hoping we'll be able to start walk work under saddle at the end of next week.

And in sad news, my 90 year old father died peacefully in his sleep yesterday afternoon.  He'd been fading, but he was in his own home and his own bed and had a very good week right up to the point he went to sleep and didn't wake up.  I wish for such a good end, for us all.

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