Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking for Hay - Please Respond if You Can Help

We've been having a severe drought in our part of the country - Northern Illinois - and as a result hay is in short supply, if it's available at all.  Many hay farmers will not get a second cutting this year.  To help out our barn owner, I'm putting out a request to all of you - if you have the contact information for sellers of good quality grass hay - squares or rounds - please e-mail me privately.  Our barn owner is willing to buy large loads from whatever distance - the whole middle of the country is fair game - our barn is large and we use a lot of hay.

Also, on a personal note, if you have experience feeding horses when access to hay is limited, please let me know what you fed, how much and what your experience has been.  I've used Purina Senior as a complete feed in the past, either with or without beet pulp, but I'd like to find a lower NSC option.  For now, since hay at our barn is still available but not in the unlimited quantities we're used to, I'll be starting my horses on Purina Ultium to provide extra calories.

Hope some of you have contacts to share privately or complete feeding strategies to share in the comments on this blog . . .

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