Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Reorganization - 10 Tabs

I'm thinking about doing a reorganization of the blog, so that there are more pages with specific topics, some of which will link to outside resources or posts.  This will allow readers (not sure how many of those there are these days) to find things more easily, and allow me to clean up the sidebars.  Blogger allows up to 10 separate pages/tabs (including the live post page), and here are the ones I'm thinking about doing:

1.  Horses page, with pictures of the crew and brief histories.  I may put some of my "Steps on the Journey" links there.

2.  Mark Rashid clinics page, with links to clinic posts.

3.  Recommended books page, with links to my reviews and outside links.

4.  Work log - I stopped doing this for a while, but it's very useful, at least for me.

5.  Horse health page, organized by topic (including nutrition and hoofcare), with links to some of my posts as well as outside resources - I'm not a vet and don't purport to be an expert, but maybe some of my experiences and learning (gained the hard way) might benefit someone else.

6.  Horse color genetics page, with links.

7.  In search of softness page, with basic exercises (I'm not a trainer, but hope some of my learning will help others).

8.  EPM page - I'm hoping we're all done with that, but I plan to leave this page up as a resource.

Pages do allow comments, so I'm hoping people will be interested in commenting there.

It's hard to know what readers are interested in - I get very few comments.  Let me know if you have other ideas - what topics interest you most?  Least? Every horse blog/blogger is different, but let me know if there topics/ways of presenting material that would interest you.  (I know I need more pictures/videos . . . but finding the time/assistance to do those is hard . . .)

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