Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Essay and Pictures of Pie's Daddy

Pie seems to be doing somewhat better - he's eating and drinking well.  He did have a brief "episode" last night about 45 minutes after feeding time, where he was lying down and clearly a bit uncomfortable, although not as bad as the previous night.  It'll take a while for the antibiotics to have an effect, but at least the anti-inflammatories are helping him be more comfortable.  I actually got a good night's sleep for once.

It's a beautiful day - cool and sunny - so I made a trip to the barn to take some pictures.  Here's Charisma hanging out in her paddock:

Drifter was impatiently waiting for the other horses to come back within view:

Misty's still got the summer "frosting" on her rump:

Scout (in front) and Fritz (behind) were doing their synchronized grazing moves:

Pie looked fairly pleased to see me, since I didn't have a halter or any meds in my hand:

Pie decided to chase Scout:

But things settled right back down:

I seem to love to take pictures of Pie's hindquarters and his beautiful, thick, deep red tail:

Pie's former owner was out in Montana recently, and was kind enough to send me some photos of Pie's sire, Cody's Red Glo - I think he's standing on a downhill slope here - this also gives a good picture of the environment Pie was born in and where he lived until he was a weanling:

Pie's sire looks to be shorter than Pie, and a darker shade of red, but has the about the same build - although Pie also looks a lot like his dam - here's the post with Pie's baby pictures.  Pie's sire has more white, including a big blaze:

Now we know where the deepness of jowl and "Pie face" come from!:

The person in the left of the photo is the gentleman I got Pie from:

I'm glad to have these pictures - Pie's the first horse I've ever had baby pictures of or pictures of sire and dam, and that's pretty darn cool!

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