Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baths and Dawn Update

Pie and Drift both got real baths today - it was very hot and steamy - I've sprayed them off before but never washed them with soap - it was their first real baths. They both were great and very cooperative - I used EQyss shampoo.  Then Dawn got a gentle bath using baby shampoo - I very gently rinsed and soaped the areas on her neck and chest, where the skin and hair is peeling off, and patted them dry.

Dawn is doing very well - the swelling is mostly gone, even between her front legs, and although there is skin and hair sloughing off in patches on her chest, neck and shoulder, so far it's only the very topmost layer so there is still black skin underneath - no pinkness or open sores.  I talked to my vet this morning, and she says this is a common complication of cellulitis - the pressure from the swelling causes the hair follicles to die and may also cut off circulation to the outer layers of the skin.  The good news is that in Dawn's case the swelling didn't last that long, so the damage isn't too bad.

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