Friday, September 9, 2011

Grazing in Formation, and More Yucky Dawn Pictures

Today it's cloudy and threatening to rain - a perfect day for taking photos!  I was taking some nature photos, but as always, I gravitated to the pastures (attracted by the black holes that are horses).  I visited a bit with Drifter in his turnout - as usual, I ended up pretty quickly with a nose shot:

But then he started looking for the mares, so I managed a profile view:

Sugar had to come up and say hi:

Dawn graced me with a nose shot:

Here's how her neck is looking - it looks nasty but it's actually on the way to being better:

In the worst areas, there's a lot of scabbing and the top layer of skin and hair is coming off - you can see the black skin underneath:

Dawn had enough of that, and said adios:

and went off to graze with Misty:

A distant shot of Sugar and Misty grazing in formation:

The three geldings were also grazing in formation - that's Pie in front, Fritz in the middle and Scout in the back:

And Fritz showed me his sweet face:

If the rain holds off, I might get in a ride later today . . .

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