Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Retired Horses

Just for fun today, a selection of recent photo of the retirees, living down at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee - photos thanks to Melissa!  (Can't make the small ones any larger without them fuzzing up.)  Maisie's in her late teens, but couldn't stay sound when being ridden, although she's doing well in retirement.  Lily developed heaves in her late teens, but that's pretty much a non-issue now that she's on 24/7 turnout in in a better climate.  Lily's now in her mid-20s, I'd guess, and has Cushings, but it's controlled by medication.  Norman the pony had had a hard life before we got him, and although he's perfectly sound and only in his early 20s, we weren't going to sell him on - he needed a forever home.

Here's Maisie in all her beautiousness:

Maisie and Lily enjoying some grazing together:

Norman the pony going somewhere with purpose:

Lily and Maisie love to groom:

Lily on the left with a pony friend:

Norman stretching up to groom a bigger pony:

It always makes me happy to see how good they all look, and how well cared for - I always tell Jason and Melissa that they take better care of my retired horses than I ever could!

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