Friday, September 21, 2012

Witness Protection Program (!)

When my vet/chiro sent Red's blood in for his EPM test, she had to let the researcher Dr. Ellison as well as the pharmacy from which his medicine was ordered know that Red was the horse previously named Drifter, whose records they already had.  My vet/chiro told me that she told them that Red was in the witness protection program - the pharmacy tech I talked to actually remembered that and mentioned it to me when I mentioned his name change.  I got a good laugh out of that description!  Red is certainly a reformed character - he's gone from a difficult, worried, sometimes pushy or aggressive horse, to one that's still sensitive and spirited but who is also very willing to try to the best of his ability to do anything I ask.  I think his name change was a good acknowledgement of how far he's come, and allows me to think of him as the new horse he is rather than the troubled horse he was.

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