Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just an Update

I'm working on a post on aids, cues and defining boundaries, but while that's perking, just a brief update on the equine crew.

Everyone had a day off yesterday - they were redoing the footing in the indoor, and there was lots of equipment, dump trucks and bobcats running around - so we elected to have a grooming day.

Dawn had a few days off, and she and I had a marvelous ride in the outdoor this morning - lots of lovely work, with excellent softening and connection.  I was able to keep my posting very minimal - almost like sitting but letting her lift me, and kept my elbows in and eyes and head up, and a following contact - she responded very well to this.  It was a beautiful, cool morning, and we enjoyed our ride.  And no more saddling complaints - she apparently approves of our new, reduced, shimming arrangement.

I also took the chance that occurred to move Dawn to a new stall, which she seems very happy with.  It has ventilation from the outside, not the arena - less dust.  It's at the tack room end of the aisle - less horse traffic in front of her stall - and only next to and across from a mare - both of which make her less unhappy.  I'm hoping the squealing, stall wall biting and occasional kicking will be reduced.  She really hated her last neighbor - a perfectly inoffensive paint gelding.

Pie is very crabby and sore - poor guy - he pins his ears when I go in his stall, but is sweet and resigned when I stroke his face and massage his neck and back.  The first batch of his doxycycline should arrive on Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to helping him feel better from his Lyme infection.  He had a day off yesterday and again today, and we may do a little light work tomorrow to help him stretch his muscles.

Red is feisty and alert and wanting to do things.  I didn't lunge him today to check on his soundness, due to the new, deep, arena footing - it should settle a bit in a day or two.  But I did hand walk him yesterday and today, and he was moving well - no toe dragging at all and he motored up and down the hill between the upper and lower parking lot - his neuro symptoms are gone and let's hope the lameness is better as well.  Update on Sunday - I did lunge him, and his soundness was much improved.  To the left, no lameness was detectable at the trot.  To the right, he started out short-striding with the left hind, but moved out better as he went - still not 100% in that direction but much better.

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