Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dawn Hates Me

I don't know if Dawn actually hates me, or if she's just ignoring me and hoping I'll go away.  She's clearly very depressed about my younger daughter leaving again - I'm clearly a second-best substitute - and yes, I do believe that horses can be depressed.  She hasn't attempted to bite me again - we had a bit of an altercation about that as biting is something I don't tolerate - making biting motions to express pain or displeasure is fine, but actual contact is a no-no.  She largely looks through me/ignores me when I'm interacting with her, and the soft eye isn't there - there's more of an abstracted/absent eye.  She's pretty compliant - we had a rinse off today - all my horses did as it was very hot - but she ignored me throughout and when back in her stall. I'm hoping we can recover our connection, and I'm hoping to ride her tomorrow - we'll see how things go . . .

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