Monday, April 16, 2012

Proud of Dawn - Loose Horse!

Pie got the day off today - he had his 4-way vaccine this morning (E/W encephalitis, tetanus and West Nile).  Dawn got a ride, and was a star.  She's still recovering from her EPM episode, but is doing well - we worked today on getting some softness/relaxation/stretching down at the walk and trot.  It was a very windy day, and chilly to boot - the big arena doors were banging and the whole building was creaking and groaning.  She did very well, and really showed her mettle at one point when a boarder's horse got away from him at the mounting block and went galloping and bucking around the ring.  Dawn was excited, but I kept turning her to face the out-of-control horse until he stopped and was caught.  She didn't do the slightest thing bad - no bolts, bucks or upsets - she kept listening to me throughout and we went right back to work afterwards.  We did get some glimpses of softness today - the first since her EPM diagnosis.  And a milestone today - 60 rides on the three horses 2012 to date. A very good Dawn mare indeed . . .

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