Monday, April 23, 2012

Name Suggestions Needed

I'm thinking about changing Drifter's name.  I've never much liked his name - I tried calling him Drift for a while, but that didn't stick.  His name comes from his registered name - Driftin' to the Money (yuck . . . you can tell what his breeders were thinking about) which comes from Driftwood Ike, who is in his pedigree.

I don't usually change horse's names - both Pie and Dawn came to me with those names and the names suit them.  But there's something about Drifter which doesn't sit right, and I think a name change might be just the thing - he's working hard on becoming a better, softer horse and might even appreciate a change himself!

Here's Drifter's pedigree for reference.  I didn't see much that inspired me in there, and his name doesn't have to connect to his pedigree - Pie's doesn't.  Drifter is very masculine, somewhat fiery and strong-minded, although he's also very friendly.  I have a preference for one or two syllable names.  Here are a few photos that capture his "feel" - let me know any and all suggestions . . .

Hope one of you comes up with something good!

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