Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pie Herds Geese and Red Insists

It was a beautiful day today, so, although I don't usually ride on Sundays, I did ride today.  I was all by myself at the barn, which suited me just fine - no bozos to be seen (see last post if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Pie and I had a lovely, relaxing, walking pasture ride.  The front pasture had a flock of about 75 geese, picking grass blades.  Pie and I thought that was a great opportunity to practice our herding work - Pie's done some cattle work and I think he misses it.  Our goal was to herd the geese where we wanted them to go, but without spooking them and causing them to take flight.  Mission accomplished, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  We herded them along, then split the "herd" to left and right and drove one group up the hill until they were strung out in a line, then collected them and drove them back down the hill again to join their fellows.  Then we pushed the entire "herd" across the ditch to the other side.

After our herding, we continued our pasture ride for quite a while, including going very far back in one of the pastures - about a half mile or so from the barn.  Pie was great, and it was fun to be out enjoying the good weather.

Before I got Pie ready, I'd groomed Red.  Red was somewhat fretful, which is unusual when I'm grooming.  He'd had a minor injury to his left hind last week - it looked like he may have been kicked across the cannon bone and splint bone about half way between the knee and fetlock - there is a hard, lumpy swelling, but no heat or sensitivity or fluid.  I don't think he has a splint fracture, but he's clearly got some bruising. I haven't ridden him in several days as he was gimpy at the trot on the lunge - I'd have rated him a 2 out of 5 lame.  While I'd been tacking Pie, Red was very active - pacing in his stall and nickering to us.  When I brought Pie back, Red made it clear he wanted more attention.  I think he was saying "ride me too".  So I brought out his bridle and we rode bareback for a little bit.  We mostly walked, but he was happy to trot when I asked so I think he's feeling better - we've been doing bute for a few days.  I didn't ask him to trot for more than a few steps - I want to see what he looks like on the lunge before I do.  He was soft and relaxed and very happy with our ride, and when I put him back in his stall, he settled down to eating his hay.

It was a beautiful day with horses - I love the fall with its lovely riding weather.

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