Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Trailer Photos

Here are some photos of the new horse trailer, which Pie and Red and I were using in the last two posts.

Front view - the windows open from the bottom, letting air into the tack room and then through the windows between the tack room and trailer, into the trailer.  The trim is actually dark blue, although it looks black in most of the photos.

Side view - the tack room door is in front, the escape door (same on the other side) is next (with a drop down window), and a window for the horse area - all windows have screens and the drop down windows on the escape door have bars as well.

Tack room - already a mess!  You can just see the window between the horse area and the tack room - this window can be open or shut.

A view of the escape door area looking across the trailer - chest bars to the left and a head screen in the middle.

Rear of the trailer, with the ramp covering the bottom of the back doors.

View of interior with the escape doors closed and divider pushed to one side - it's a dark day but the interior is pretty inviting.  When the trailer is hitched up, there are interior load lights that can be turned on.

Opening one escape door makes things brighter inside - this is how we had the trailer set up for our loading practice:

This shows how shallow the ramp angle is, and the small lip between the ramp and the trailer floor:

A very satisfactory trailer, I think.

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