Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Should This Blog Be? For You and for Me?

This blog has been running for over four years now.  I'm never quite sure what it should be - for you or for me.  For me, it provides a place to connect with the wider horse community, particularly those who are seeking a better way to work with horses.  Although I'm at a large boarding barn, I often ride alone or with others who don't understand what I'm up to.

This blog also provides me with a handy place to record what's happening in my horsemanship journey, and writing about these things gives me a way to digest and understand what my horses and I are up to.  I wish all of you could meet Dawn, Red and Pie, and this is a way to share them with you a little bit.

Sometimes I'm frustrated by the lack of comment, conversation and dialogue - but then I'm not the greatest myself at that on other blogs and I certainly understand everyone's short of time for that sort of thing.  Maybe I'm looking for blogs to be something they can't really be . . .

In any event, if this blog could be anything you wanted, what would it be for you?  What would there be more of, and less of?  What sorts of things interest you, and what things bore you to tears?  If anything on here has made a difference to you, what has it been?

Thanks for reading, and for any comments you choose to share.

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