Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some Questions for Life

Here's a list of questions to ponder:

1. How do you make decisions about what to say yes or no to?

2. What are the rules and priorities that govern your life today?

3. Where do you struggle in your life now?

4. What's most important to you?

5. What do you give your energies to? Might you give some of these things up?

6. Does what you do reflect the person you wish to be? Is your day an accurate reflection of how you want to live your life?

7. Where do you long for order?

8. What is the cornerstone of your life?

9. Do you put the most important things first?

10. What are you waiting to claim about your life - that, if you don't claim it, you might later regret?

11. What clear and demanding questions might you need to ask about your life?

12. Where are you merely visiting life?

and, a last question:

13. What is it you need to know, be assured of, be relieved of, be helped out of or into, to be quenched or quelled, without which you don't know how you could go on?

(I didn't create these questions - they come from the Brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist near Boston, from their series about how to write a rule (not rules) of life.)

1 comment:

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