Monday, November 12, 2012

Freezing Day with the Chiropractor

It was unusually warm for two days - temperatures in the 60sF - but last night the temperature dropped abruptly and today we're in the mid-30sF with a howling wind - brrr!

Today we had the chiropractor - all three horses were worked on.  I tried to take some pictures, but the low light mostly defeated me.  But here are a couple showing how much Dawn (the bay in the first three pictures) and Pie (the chestnut in the last picture) enjoyed their sessions:

I didn't get any photos of Red - I had to hold him as he was fidgety and nervous.  He did need some work on his hindquarters, but otherwise was in good shape.  Dawn and Pie both needed quite a bit of work.  Both were very demonstrative, both when things were sore and also when they got good releases - at the end Pie was lolling his tongue and giving huge yawns.  I've found that good chiro work makes a huge difference to how my horses feel, and how they're able to go for me.

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