Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cantering Maniac, and New Mark Rashid Clinic Dates

The cancelled Mark Rashid clinic in Cedarburg, Wisconsin has now been moved to June 21-23, with a demo on the evening of June 20.  Due to the rescheduling - Mark had pneumonia - there are some rider slots available.  Contact Deb Goelz at or 262-375-3844 to find out more details or reserve a rider slot or preregister as an auditor.

Pie and I will be leaving for the June 5-7 clinic tomorrow mid-day.  There's a demo at 6:30 p.m. that I don't want to miss - it usually involves only the humans at the clinic and demonstrates some very interesting and important energy/flow/intention work that really benefits the clinic participants.

Dawn and Pie and I have been working on cantering.  I feel like a cantering maniac . . .  Dawn and I have been working on my allowing her to move forward at canter, and on my mental cuing.  Progress is being made - we'll ride again tomorrow morning before Pie and I load up.  Pie's also been doing canter work - his canter is big and sweeping and very nice, but he's still learning to carry himself and still tends to want to invert rather than soften.

Things to work on at the clinic - cementing Pie's softening work at walk and trot, transitions, and progressing with our canter work.  With Red, working on my dialing down cues to nothing but energy and thought and making sure I move through the transitions to eliminate the last trace of his bracing . . .  It's going to be great . . . I can't wait - will try to update from the clinic as I can.

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