Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brief Update on Pie and Dawn - Situation Normal!

Dawn's legs are back to their normal size today - the vet thinks the filling may have been a reaction to the rabies vacinnation.  We had a nice walk/trot/canter lunge session, and she's moving well.  She still has some difficulty sustaining the right lead canter, but I think this is her usual normal - she tends to want to carry a bend to the outside - rather than anything related to her bout with EPM.

Pie had his eighth dose of Oroquin-10 today, and we had a short lungeing session at walk and trot.  I'm delighted to say that he is now completely sound and moving well at both gaits, his transitions were normal, there wasn't a single bad step or trip and he looked great.  Tomorrow I think he'll be ready for a short session of trot under saddle.

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