Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pie Shows His Personality

Pie has really been showing his personality lately - he's a very curious, smart horse and it's fun to watch him now that he's feeling so much better.

He's been very interested in the goat lately - the goat lives in a pen near the stable.  Every time we go near the goat pen, he wants to stop and watch the goat. We were out on a hand walk, so I took Pie up to investigate further.  I wish I'd had my camera - Pie went right up to the goat, stuck his head over the fence (the goat had put his front feet up on the inside of the fence) and proceeded to thoroughly sniff and investigate the goat in a friendly way.  Then Pie actually wanted to groom with the goat - he was nibbling gently on the goat's shoulders - at this point the goat decided maybe Pie was a little bit big and walked away.

Yesterday and today, Pie and Drifter have been stuck in paddocks for the day - the paddocks are pretty big - about 100' by 50' - because the footing in the larger dry lot they takes turns in is too bad - it had gotten extremely muddy and then the mud froze solid with huge lumps and deep holes, making it almost impossible for them to walk.  Today, when I was visiting in his paddock, Pie made his desires know.  He's rarely a mouthy horse (unlike someone we could mention - Drifter, I'm thinking of you), but he reached over the gate and grabbed the lead rope of his halter which was hanging on the fence.  He shook the lead rope and dropped it, and then grabbed the halter and did the same with it.  The whole time he was doing this he was looking at me as if to say, "put this thing on my face and let's get out of here!"  It's supposed to be above freezing over the next several days, so we're all hoping to use the big dry lot again . . .

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