Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Winter Vacation

It's time for a vacation from blogging.  I don't know about you, but it's too easy for me to spend too much time on blogging - reading other people's blogs, commenting, reading replies to comments, thinking about what I want to write on my own blog, writing and editing it, taking photos and editing those, checking to see if anyone has read it and commented, replying to comments . . .  Blogging started for me as a way to keep track of my horse work, and to have a place to think and write about issues related to horsemanship and horses - I'm one of those people who finds writing very helpful in thinking things through.  It's certainly served that purpose for me, and I hope has been interesting for those who read the blog, whether they comment or not. And it's fun to have comments, and sometimes a dialogue with others about the horse things that are important to me.  And yet . . .

But it's also too easy to fall into the trap of "blogging as entertainment" - not that entertainment is bad at all so long as it doesn't eat up too much of my life.  I think of it as "horse TV" - since I otherwise don't watch TV - seeing and enjoying other people's lives with horses.  Nothing really wrong with that either.  And I do feel that I have several good "blog friendships" with horse women and men whose opinions and thinking I value.  That's good too.

But, now that it's winter, and my riding and work with my horses will be much reduced, it's time for a blogging vacation.  After this post, I won't be posting or reading and commenting on other blogs for a while. I plan to spend more time with family and friends, read and think, and maybe do some pieces of writing, some of which may be about horses or horsemanship and might eventually end up on this blog.  I don't think this blog will go away - I expect sometime in the New Year or the spring, I'll be blogging again about the continuing adventures of Dawn, Pie and Drifter and reading and commenting on blogs again.

Last chance to comment for a while - what does blogging do for you and what about it is positive or negative?  I wish you all a very Happy Holiday and New Year - may 2012 be a fine year with horses!

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