Friday, August 5, 2011

Pie Is a Little Nervous On the Trail - and So am I

Pie and I went on a (somewhat) longer trail ride with Charisma and her owner, who is nice enough to let me know when she is riding so Pie and I can go along as riding alone still makes me too nervous.  Today we decided that we went too late - we need to go earlier - the bugs were terrible - both tiny flies and mosquitos were all over Pie and me despite the spraying I'd done of both of us before we left.

Pie is somewhat more reactive than he used to be - he "looks" at things like downed branches that he wouldn't have noticed before, and he also is more prone to startle at things that move fast - he startled at a car that drove by.  I think he's picking up some of my increased tension, and also I think for a young horse having someone fall off can be startling and even traumatic, and I'm sure Pie's never had anyone fall off him before.  The solution to his concern (and mine) is more miles for both of us - both with Charisma and her very thoughtful owner - and also just hand walking together on the trail so he can see and experience lots of things again.  We'll get there, one step at a time . . .

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